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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hilary Swank Steps Out with Her New Man

Hilary Swank Steps Out with Her New Man

The streets of Rome can bring out the romantic in anyone
Hilary Swank
and they clearly worked their magic for one new couple: Hilary Swank and John Campisi, one of her agents at Creative Artists Agency.

Last weekend, fresh from spending a few days together at Donatella and Santo Versace's Lake Como villa, the pair stopped for kisses and snuggles as they contentedly wandered through Rome's Piazza Navona, leaving no doubt that their relationship has morphed from agent-client to something much more personal, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

"They were hugging and touching all the time," an observer tells PEOPLE. Adds a friend of Swank's: "She's really happy. You can see it in her eyes."

It's a sparkle that's been MIA since the actress, 32, announced her split with Chad Lowe, her husband of eight years, in January. As divorce proceedings kicked off this summer, Swank hid from the paparazzi by traveling to India for a month of charity work, teaching English to schoolkids. Upon her return, however, she began spending more and more time with Campisi, 39.

"They're having a great time getting to know each other," says a friend. Swank's rep would not comment, but a source says that for now, Swank and Campisi will maintain their professional relationship. (Campisi is one of several agents on Swank's CAA team.)

So how did the longtime friends turn into something more? While Campisi pitched in post-split when Swank needed a date for Vanity Fair's Oscar party, "it's only very recently," says the friend, "that they've become close." (Campisi is also going through a divorce, but the pal insists their respective splits had nothing to do with their relationship.)

Their attraction was strong enough that Swank broke her recent no-romance pledge. "I can't imagine going out right now and trying to find someone else to be with," she told Vanity Fair this summer.

But now that she's done just that, Swank, who'll start shooting the drama P.S., I Love You in New York City and Ireland later this month, seems to be enjoying the new beginning.

"She's never," says the friend, "looked more beautiful."



Her new movie Black Dahlia is pure film noir, so it was entirely appropriate
Hilary Swank
that Hilary Swank showed up to a screening in New York in top-to-toe black. The actress looked a million dollars in her stylish cocktail dress, but it was her beaming smile that indicates she's back on starry form after splitting from her husband earlier this year.The Oscar-winning actress, who plays a femme fatale in the dark thriller alongside Josh Hartnett, looked radiant at the special screening attended by a host of famous faces including Mischa Barton. Hilary's eight-year marriage to fellow actor Chad Lowe came to an end in January and she has largely remained out of the limelight since, travelling to India for a month of charity work as the divorce proceedings kicked off this summer.

Her current joie de vivre may have something to do with new love John Campisi, 39, one of her agents at Creative Artists Agency. The stunning 32-year-old recently enjoyed a romantic break with her new beau at Donatella Versace's villa on Lake Como. "She's really happy, you can see it in her eyes," a friend told People magazine.

Monday, July 31, 2006


WHO's A LUCKY GIRL, THEN? ; Double Oscar-Winner Hilary Swank Has Filmed Three Leading Roles in the Past 10 months


You can find out a lot from a Hollywood star's makeup artist especially when he's a mate. So when I turn a corner in the beyond- fabulous Institut Guerlain, in Paris, and literally collide with my friend Christian McCulloch flown in by Guerlain to ensure Hilary Swank looks the glamorous part for her debut as the 'face' of their new fragrance I'm all ears. Christian has, it turns out, been getting up-close-and-personal with Hilary, making her up for more than three years. Two days ago, they were shooting a Vanity Fair cover together. Tomorrow, it's French Elle. 'But if you asked me to sum her up in one word, I'd say "gracious",' he smiles. 'She's always lovely to the little people, which is so telling: the runners, the assistants even the assistants to the assistants. She says, "Thank you" to everyone. And she even writes little notes to photographers and journalists, if they've made her happy' Now, 'gracious' isn't a word you hear used to describe many women, in a world that moves stressfully at the speed of light.

These days it's certainly not a word applied to many actresses, who can be as famous for their off-screen diva-ness, or for thumping paparazzi, as for their big screen roles. Thankfully, Hilary, who is 32 today, has famously done her thumping onscreen playing boxer Maggie Fitzgerald, in Million Dollar Baby, the second of her Oscar- winning roles, in which she was directed by Clint Eastwood. When you meet her, it's like encountering a Park Avenue princess: a warm smile, deportment-class posture even if she does clump just a little across the parquet in her six-inch Fendi heels. She grins a wide, toothy grin, with orthodontically-perfect teeth.

'Can you believe it? I bought these shoes a whole size too big. And I've worn them now, so I can't take them back!' Her signature grace is all the more unexpected when you dig a little into Hilary's background. As she famously said, when collecting her second Oscar, 'I'm just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream.' Of course, there are trailer parks and trailer parks: her father was what would be described here as 'a mobile home salesman'. And the site where the Swanks (she has an elder brother, Daniel) had their own double-fronted, three-bedroom trailer was picturesquely set among the lakes and mountains of Washington State, one of America's most unspoilt areas. But still, Bellingham, WA, is a long, long way from Tinseltown. Even when your mother so believes in your acting talent that she drives you there, with $75 in her pocket, the pair of you sleeping in the car en route to your destiny. As Hilary recalls, 'My mother had been a tap dancer when she was younger, but she gave it all up when she married my dad and had kids, so I think she really wanted my dreams to come true. When I finally made the move to Hollywood at 15, my mum came with me. She and my dad had separated by then, and she had just been fired from her job, so she said to me: "If you want to pursue this dream, let's go." So we packed our suitcases, got in a car that my aunt had sold to us an Oldsmobile Supreme and just drove.'

Since then, Hilary has risen through the unpromising ranks of The Next Karate Kid and Beverly Hills, 90210 to amaze us all with her performance as a transgender youth, Brandon Teena, in Boys Don't Cry her first Oscar-winning role, in 1999 before joining the likes of Jane Fonda, Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor and Bette Davis as that rarest of silver screen commodities: a two-Oscar babe, for Million Dollar Baby. (The statuettes, FYI, live on her mantelpiece, 'where I think they belong'. None of that Oscar-as-a-doorstop nonchalance for Hilary.) 'I never imagined that all this would happen to me,' insists Hilary (who once joked that, 'I'm black and blue because I pinch myself every day'). 'I mean, I know I had a dream, and I know I worked hard it's part of my passion for what I do but, really, how did I get to be so lucky, to be offered the roles that changed my life and brought me opportunities like this? I mean, whoever would have thought that a girl from my background would be sitting in Paris talking about my Guerlain perfume campaign?' Hilary pauses. 'You know, I don't take any of it for granted. And I think it's really important to be "in the moment", and enjoy it, because it's a gift. And you never know, it could all be over tomorrow.' But a Hilary Swank career free-fall is about as likely as the earth starting to reverse on its axis, given that she has a cameo role in the recently released dark comedy 11:14, and has filmed leading roles in three movies back-to-back in the past ten months the film noir-ish Black Dahlia with Scarlett Johansson, a scary movie, The Reaping, and a biopic, Freedom Writers. And in the autumn, she starts filming P.S., I Love You, based on the novel by Cecelia Ahern. The Guerlain gig, though, clearly means a lot, and not because of the $3-5million a year that Wmagazine guesstimates a contract like Hilary's to be worth. 'The first perfume I ever smelled was [Guerlain's] Shalimar,' she recalls. 'When I smell it now, it takes me right back to being five, trying on my mum's scent' When it launched in 1921, Shalimar's va-va-voom was audacious. Now the perfume house's new fragrance plays on that heritage sexily rich in iris and luscious red berries, and with a violet quality that's anything but shrinking. This time, the audacity is in the name: Insolence, which should be whispered with a French accent, naturellement, rather than uttered in the clipped tones of an angry schoolteacher. In French, 'Insolence' doesn't mean rude. It means daring. Bold. Impetuous. Spontaneous. But still, I wonder out loud: is 'insolent' a word that was ever used to describe Hilary, as a kid?

She throws back her head, and roars. 'As a kid? I've been accused of being insolent my whole life, not just as a child! It's part of my makeup. Whenever people have said to me, "You can't do this, you shouldn't try that well, that's the first thing I try and do. As a child, I was absolutely up for dares the most daredevilish thing I ever did was throw myself in the lake in winter; I think I almost went into cardiac arrest, from the shock of the cold. But I love that. I love to go against the norm. You can say to me, "You can't go running in the rain" but why not? It's fun to get soaked to the skin. And I'm from a place where it rains a lot!' The legacy of her childhood is a strong love of the outdoors. 'I grew up in the fresh air,' she says. 'I am at home by lakes and mountains, surrounded by the scent of pine trees and flowers. I'm a very smell-orientated person, and I love the memories those smells conjure up.' To get some rest after her recent act-a-thon, in fact, Hilary took herself off to the mountainous north of India for a month, to a hotel with no air conditioning, in 115-degree heat. 'To reconnect,' is how she puts it. But it was also, one suspects, a time for self- reflection: her apparently rock-solid eight-year marriage to brat pack actor Chad Lowe (brother of Rob) fell apart earlier this year.

This, however, is something that I'm warned by her publicist not to bring up or they'll haul me out of her interview faster than you can say eau de parfum. So: back to the fluffy stuff. Running and cycling is how she keeps her skinny-with-curves-in-the-right-places shape, which is today showcased in a tight, black dress, also from Fendi. Her face is amazingly angular, with cheekbones you could open envelopes with. (As Christian McCulloch puts it: 'When I'm doing Hilary's makeup, it's all about softness. I can leave the contour powder at home!') 'I'm lucky to have really good genes,' is her explanation. 'If you sat here and watched what I eat all day, you wouldn't believe it. I've had two pain au chocolats, and today maybe because it's Paris people keep giving me boxes of chocolates; I've tried to give away as many as possible but I have treated myself to at least ten. And my absolute favourite meal is scones with jam and cream.' (Actually, scones may be in her DNA: Hilary's grandmother was born in Lynton, Devon.) Though she admits to loving the indulgence of an occasional visit to a spa, and to dressing for the red carpet, Hilary insists she's low-, rather than high-maintenance. (Although I do happen to know that she sees Hollywood-facialist-to-the-stars Ole Henriksen a man who also uses the word 'gracious', when I ask what she's like) Actually, I can't resist telling Hilary that both her facialist and her makeup artist used the same, straight-out-of-Miss-Manners adjective to describe her. She flashes that 1000-volt, double-Oscar smile. 'I am a lucky, lucky girl, and I never forget it,' she beams. But Guerlain is lucky to have such a fabulous 'face'. I'd sign her up for their next blockbuster fragrance right now. And I'd call it 'Grace' .

Insolence by Guerlain, Pounds 26, available in Selfridges from 3 August; nationwide from 1 September. For stockists, tel: 01932 233909 (c) 2006 Mail on Sunday; London (UK). Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved

Hilary Swank for Labyrinth

Hilary Swank
Hilary Swank has been a busy gal lately with The Reaping but that has not stopper her from picking up another thriller.

Hilary Swank for Labyrinth
According to Variety, Summit Entertainment has picked up Hilary Swank to star in the remake of the French thriller Labyrinth.

Russell Gewirtz (Inside Man) will write the script with Summit Entertainment fully financing the film.

The psychological thriller revolves around a mental patient with multiple personalities who holds clues to the whereabouts of a serial killer.

This patient also sometimes thinks that she is a boxer, a boy and a resident in Alaska. OK, OK, I made that last part up, but Swank does have the background to play just about any type of personality.

Swank will also produce.

Hilary Swank makes a hush-hush trip to India

Hilary Swank makes a hush-hush trip to India
30th July 2006 21.00 IST

Two-time Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank was recently in India.

Reports say Hilary made a hush-hush visit to India's northern state, Himachal Pradesh, and stayed for nearly two weeks at a lodge near Nari Niketan, close to Palampur. During her stay in the hilly state, Hilary taught little children, read spiritual books, learned the art of yoga under the guidance of a guru and also practiced meditation.

Hilary's India trip was managed by the top officials of an NGO named Indian Development and Exchange. On special request by the actress, the NGO kept her India trip (in May-end) a secret.

During her trip, Hilary stayed away from media and made low-key trips to Dharmshala (the seat of Dalai Lama in India), McLeodganj and Baijnath. She also visited Maha Avatar Babaji Meditation Ashram at Kandwari. At the ashram, Hilary learned a few tips on Yoga from Yogiraj Amarjyoti maharaj.

In between, Hilary took out time to visit a Govt. Primary School where she taught English and sketching to the children of labourers. The students at the school recall Hilary as the angrezi madam who gave them toffees and played ball with them.

According to a source, Hilary enjoyed Indian food during her stay. Her favourite dish was palak and naan.

The actress ended her India trip with a promise to return again.

Hilary has won two Awards for her performances in 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Million Dollar Baby', respectively.

She has recently signed to star in a remake of the 2003 French thriller 'Labyrinth' for Summit Entertainment, reports say.

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Reaping : Trailer

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Eye Candy V

Vanity Fair

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Blossoming of Hilary Swank

By Lynn Hayes
Jul 12, 2006

Hilary Swank seemed to have everything an actress could want: two Oscars, critical acclaim for her craft and a stable marriage to Chad Lowe. But life is not always as we perceive it from the outside, and underneath the smiles was a life in crisis. In a new interview with Vanity Fair Magazine, Hilary Swank reveals that her marriage had not been working for quite some time but that she fell back into a caretaking role that lasted for several years.
The Blossoming of Hilary Swank
The Blossoming of Hilary Swank

It ultimately took the revelation of her husband's substance abuse problem to motivate her to make changes in her life. In the Vanity Fair interview Hilary says, "I took care of my mom; I took care of my dad; I took care of Chad. And I don't want to carry that any more....In the end, I sacrificed part of myself."

Hilary's astrological chart tells the story of an individual with a strong desire for self expression that is overpowered by an overwhelming sense of duty. Her Sun is in Leo, the sign of confidence and celebration of the Self. Leos tend to be dramatic; bigger than life - generous and big-hearted but with a critical need to be noticed and appreciated. Her Moon (emotional nature) is most likely in Capricorn, the sign of responsibility and self-determination. Those with a Capricorn moon tend to have a steely resolve to stay the course no matter what their feelings are; duty outweighs selfish emotional needs. Venus in her chart, showing how she relates to others, is in the family-oriented sign of Cancer and she is nurturing and caring to those she loves. Venus, however, is conjunct the discipline and restriction of the planet Saturn which adds another level of responsibility (Saturn) to those she loves (Venus). Mercury (her thought process) is also in Cancer, revealing that she thinks (Mercury) of the needs of others (Cancer) before those of her self. And finally, with Mars in Virgo her drive and desires (Mars) are to be of service to others (Virgo). Mars in Virgo tends to be cautious and dislike the center stage, a dynamic which does not work well with the need of Leo for public recognition.

Hilary has balanced these opposing forces with a fierce work ethic (Saturn/Capricorn) that has driven her to achieve great success but has retained the humility of the Virgo Mars and Capricorn Moon. Transits of Saturn to planets in the birthchart can be difficult for some (particularly the famous "Saturn Return" at age 28-30 when Saturn returns to its place in the individual's chart), but for extremely responsible individuals like Hilary they can be times of hard work followed by great success. Hilary earned her second Oscar for Million Dollar Baby during her Saturn return, but because Saturn conjuncts Venus in her birthchart her Saturn return also illuminated the problems in her marriage (Venus). According to the Vanity Fair article, Chad Lowe sobered up three years ago which would have coincided with this period. Hilary famous forgot to thank her husband during her Academy Award acceptance speech, and spent three years making up for it in public appearances.

The Saturn return cycle began in 2003 but continued through June of 2004 as Hilary underwent grueling training for her role in the boxing film. Saturn then went on to pass over her Sun back in September of 2005, with a second phase of the cycle occurring January through March of this year during which time the separation from Chad was announced. This Saturn/Sun cycle just concluded in June with the very splashy Vanity Fair article showing Hilary in all of her Leonine glory. She reports being happier than she ever has been because for the first time she is true to herself.

Hilary's story demonstrates that while responsibility to our family and loved ones is a critical part of our development, we gain nothing if we lose ourselves in the process. Now that Hilary has regained her connection to herself there is no limit to what she can do.

Lynn Hayes has been a practicing astrologer for over 20 years, specializing in psychological and transformational astrology. Visit her on the web and learn more about astrology at www.astrodynamics.net

Eye Candy IIII

Hilary Swank's Mystery Man

Swank's Mystery Man?

Hilary Swank was spotted poolside under the sun with a shirtless man Sunday afternoon, reported to be her agent John Campisi.

Hilary Swank and Mystery Man hang by the pool

The two spent a few hours at an LA hotel's pool deck talking, enjoying the sun and taking a dip in the hot tub.Swank's relationship with actor Chad Lowe has been in the news lately after last week's Vanity Fair interview, where she revealed that Lowe's "substance-abuse problem" was partly to blame in the pending divorce. The two-time Oscar winner tells the magazine Lowe is "sober now," saying "I'm really proud of his sobriety."

This week fuel has been added to the fire as The National Enquirer reports that Chad's father, Charles Lowe, is "irate" over Hilary's comments to Vanity Fair. He told the Enquirer "I know my son very, very well and I thought I knew Hilary very, very well. I am very disappointed."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Interview w/ Hilary Magazine

Hilary Swank Interview

Exclusive Interview with
Two-Time Oscar Winner Hilary Swank

By Hilary Rowland

Hilary Swank Interview When Hilary Swank walks into a room she commands attention. The star of Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby is strikingly beautiful and abundantly talented. When you see her in person it's obvious why she is named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People." For a famous actress who has earned two Academy Awards, two Golden Globes and an Independent Spirit Award, Hilary is surprisingly humble and down-to-earth. Perhaps this has something to do with her trailer-park upbringings in Bellingham, Washington and the fact that she succeeded through hard work and talent -- in a Hollywood where success frequently comes through family connections and industry contacts. Hilary Swank Interview For starring in her breakthrough film, Boys Don't Cry, for which she won her first Oscar, she earned a meager $3,000. Hilary won the lead role of Brandon Teena after three hundred other actresses had been considered and rejected over the course of three years.Hilary works hard for all her roles. To prepare for Million Dollar Baby, for which Hilary won her second Oscar, she radically overhauled her body by enduring three months of intensive physical training. "I had to eat about 210 grams of protein a day, so I'd drink egg whites and protein shakes and flax oil." She nearly died during her training from potentially fatal blood poisoning. "I was in a bad way. It got to the point that where I couldn't walk." But Hilary shrugs it off, as if all actresses would go through this kind of torture. "My job was to do my best to look like a boxer." And that she did.I first met Hilary Swank at the Tavern on the Green in New York City. We were at an awards ceremony and she sat down next to me, said "Hilary" and stuck her hand out. My first reaction was to wonder how she knew who I was and there was a bit of confusion until we realized that we shared the same name -- and spelled it the same way! We ranted for a bit about Hillary Clinton jokes and how the former first lady misspelled her name. Hilary Swank InterviewOver the next year I saw Hilary at the Golden Globes, the Independent Spirit Awards and the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and she always made a point of saying hello. Now, at the posh Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, Hilary sits comfortably in a chair, her left knee propped against the table. She is wearing black boot-cut pants and a delicately lacy black top. She excuses herself and gets up to pour herself a cup of coffee at the buffet. She brings the cream back with her, but decides against using it. Instead she pours half a packet of "Raw Sugar" into her black coffee and delicately takes a sip. "My schedule is so packed," she explains almost apologetically, "I'm booked up the rest of the day and I fly out tonight." I feel lucky that she made time for this interview as she was flying home to New York to appear on The Late Show with Jay Leno later that evening. I don't know how she does it. She must be one of those rare people who can survive -- and still be articulate -- on next to no sleep.

HILARY Magazine: How do you deal with critics and the public's opinions? Hilary Swank Interview

Hilary Swank:
"I think that any time you start concerning yourself with what people think you're going to fail, because you're never going to please everybody. If you try to make everybody happy you might as well quit. I think that what I have to do -- and what I remind myself of constantly -- is love what I'm doing because I care so much about it and I put so much into it that I need to be able to respond to it."

HILARY Magazine:
Do you ever get hounded by paparazzi?

Hilary Swank:
"You know, I think that's just part of the job. I'm not a scandalous person so it's not like they're searching for me left and right to catch me doing something bad 'cause I guess I'm just so boringly clean."

HILARY Magazine:
How did your life change after you won the Oscar for Best Actress? Hilary Swank Interview

Hilary Swank:
"What's interesting is that my life didn't really change. When I watched the Oscars I used to always say 'God, I bet their lives will never be the same.' But you're still the same person and you still have to do the laundry and walk the dog--you know, you're the same person. My job opportunities have changed, that is a positive change."

HILARY Magazine: Did you have a trick or method that helped you to play Brandon Teena so convincingly in your breakthrough film, Boys Don't Cry?

Hilary Swank:
"I tried to find the humanity that transcended gender. I didn't play Brandon as an alter male ego. I didn't think it was a gender that I was playing - it was something deeper than that, a quality that we all have as humans."

HILARY Magazine:
When you're immersed in a role and doing a movie do you find that you're cut-off from your friends and life outside of the industry? Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank:
"For sure, especially when I went off to do Boys Don't Cry; I told everyone that I'm not going to call anyone and I'm just totally unreachable for this amount of time because you just have to totally immerse.
For The Affair of the Necklace I was a bit more available. I flew my grandfather and mother in to visit. My best friend visited as well and brought her kids. So you try to keep those avenues open although you can't be as available as you'd like to be as a family member or wife or friend. But it's one of those things you choose when you choose your career. There's pros and cons of everything, I mean, if you choose to be a lawyer you may have to work long hours as well. It's one of those things you have to just weigh."

HILARY Magazine:
Is it hard to keep your priorities intact when you're constantly busy working and on set?

Hilary Swank: "I think that we always need to be questioning what it is we want to be doing with our lives and making our priorities very clear. I think that after Sept. 11th I certainly have reevaluated my priorities, I was always talking my priorities and now I'm really trying to live my priorities. You live once and you have to hopefully learn before it's too late what your priorities are. I ask myself often to make sure that I'm doing what I want to be doing and living the life that I want to be living and that I'm in check. All those important questions I think everyone should ask themselves." Hilary Swank

HILARY Magazine:
What inspires you to pursue theater when you are being offered so many movie roles?

Hilary Swank:
"I started my career doing local theater. I think you just have to be happy with what you're doing and even though I'm getting this opportunity as an actress to work in film, I want to make sure that I'm doing theater too because that's what's inspiring to me. Unfortunately it seems like I'm doing a movie every time that the play comes along that I think I could be a part of, but I believe in fate -- I really think it'll work out. I really love LOVE theater. It's a totally different feeling; it's just so different."

HILARY Magazine: You seem to be choosing a lot of interesting but lower-budget movies than most Oscar winners. Do you prefer working on lower budget films as opposed to blockbusters?

Hilary Swank: "You choose to do a film because you're drawn to it one way or another and I'm lucky that I don't have to make career choices because of money. If a blockbuster movie came my way and I loved the story and I wanted to be a part of it then I would hope that I would gain what ever I was supposed to from that creatively. But with lower budget movies like Boys Don't Cry, you get a certain artistic collaboration that doesn't necessarily happen on that level when you work on a bigger budget movie. Hilary Swank Interview With blockbusters you get more money and have more time to explore camera angles or different takes but on smaller budget films you don't have that. So there are pros and cons to both."

HILARY Magazine: You live in New York. Does living outside of LA affect the roles you're offered and you're involvement in the industry?

Hilary Swank: "When I moved, a lot of people said 'Aren't you afraid to move away from LA where there are all these opportunities for you?' I do think that once you get to a certain place [in your career] you don't necessarily need to be in a town or a certain area and I'm really blessed and lucky for that because I love my lifestyle living in New York. I also want to do theatre and I have this wonderful new place in which to expand those career opportunities as well, and that's really exciting."

Monday, July 10, 2006

Eye Candy III